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Delivery Time and Guarantee

●     After your order is confirmed, you could expect to receive the product within 7-10 business days.

●     If the courier is unable to locate your shipment and give you an expected delivery date, the delivery guarantee will come into effect.


●     We provide our services worldwide. That’s why we have different warehouses in different locations around the globe.

●     Express shipment DHL and FedEx are our shipment partners, who deliver our products in all locations of the world.

●     Customers can trace the whole shipment process.

●     Customers will get the parcel at their doorstep.

●     Suppose you are not able to receive your package. Then you can be directing someone who will receive your package by signing on your behalf.

●     Express Courier will leave a note with the contact number and shipment number if no one signs on your behalf.

●     We never deliver any package through the Post Office Box.

Notices You Will Receive

After the Order Confirmation, you will get a notification. By sending you a copy of your detailed invoice, we will acknowledge your order.


Suppose you do not get any notice after placing an order; then, your order has not registered. It shows that your order cannot be able to process and the shipment.

When to expect Delivery

●     We will send you an email with the following information

●     The tracking details.

●     The date we shipped your order,

●     The expected delivery date.

●     Note: Delivery is usually done in less time than 5-6 working days.

In Case of Damage/Defect

Contact within 4 days of your shipment arrival, if there is any damage found in the product.